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Please read the ToS and Rules
before commissioning me.

Terms Of Service


No, I will not remove my watermark/signature.

  • You may post your commission where ever as long as you give me proper credit in the description of the post.

  • You can use your commission as your icon, banner, wallpaper, etc.

  • You are NOT allowed to sell the art in any way shape or form. That means shirts, posters, any kind of merch, etc.

  • However! You can use it as, and ONLY AS personal use. Example, making it into a poster for YOUR room in YOUR house.


Yes / Maybe / No


▸ Anthro, Feral, Human, MLP (Fanart, OC's and FC's)
▸ Lewd, general NSFW
▸ Slight Gore in General (blood)
▸ Any gender, Trans, NonB, etc.
▸ Gender Bending
▸ Very easy mechas
▸ Easy backgrounds
▸ Fetishes: ABDL, Baby Fur, Dirty Diapers, Diaper NSFW, Group Sex, Public Sex, Bondage, Size Difference, Cum Cooking (Cum Eating, Cum Injections, etc.), Slight cum inflation, Teeth/Sharp Teeth, Cross-dressing, Master & Pet, BDSM, Tentacles, Food Play, Water Sports, Milf, Dilf, Sounding, Hypnotization, Paws, Fruit/Jelly/Candy Gore


▸ Politics, Nazis, Anything racist or sexist
▸ Anything homophobic or transphobic
▸ Very detailed characters
▸ Very detailed/large backgrounds
▸ Smoking, Vaping, or any kind of drugs
▸ Extremely Detailed Mechas
▸ Fetishes: Extreme Inflation, Scat, Vore, Hyper, Flattening, Rape/Macabre/Violence, Pedophilia, Feet, Transformation, Farting, Tickling, Quick Sand, Gore, Necrophilia, Vomit, Fat fetish, Amputation, Crushing, anything that you may think that goes along with these disgusting fets.

Here’s how it’ll work:

If you want a commission, please contact me with one of
the listed websites below at the bottom of the page!
I am mostly active on Twitter.

This is mainly for people who've never commissioned before, but- Once we’ve settled the details, and pricing on the commission, I’ll get started as soon as you pay. For an estimate of how long the piece would take, an icon for example: around 2-3 days. Or perhaps a month or so depending on how detailed and large the image is. Now if it’s something that needs to be been quickly, please let me know right off the bat so I can make a proper deadline for myself.

Please note that I have a life outside of my artwork, so random complications will appear. Such as the stress of holiday rushes, and family matters. Not to mention the internet could be down in my area for a good while, thanks to a sudden storm. So please be patient..!

After the invoice is paid, I will make sure to send you previews of the work progress each time I continue it, such as the sketch, then the lineart, then coloring, and so on. Don’t be afraid to let me know if something needs changed!

Pricing and Categories

*Click the images to see the full size..!
I will start to charge 1 ko-fi ($3.00) after 5 edit requests to your commission.


You will get two sizes, a 400x400, and 100x100.

  • Single Icon: $16.00

  • Double/Match Icons: $32.00


  • Sketch: $16.00

  • Lineart: $21.00

  • Line+Flat color: $26.00

  • Line+Flat color+Shading/Lighting: $36.00

  • With a simple detailed background: $3.00

  • +1 more character: $4.00

Half Body

  • Sketch: $16.00

  • Lineart: $26.00

  • Line+Flat colors: $31.00

  • Line+Flat color+Shading/Lighting: $36.00

  • With a simple background: $6.00

  • +1 more character: $6.00

Full Body

  • Sketch: $21.00

  • Lineart: $29.00

  • Line+Flat colors: $36.00

  • Line+Flat color+Shading/Lighting: $46.00

  • With a simple background: $6.00

  • With Complicated background: $21.00

  • +1 more character: $11.00


  • Sketch: $16.00

  • Lineart: $21.00

  • Line+Flat colors: $26.00

  • Line+Flat color+Shading/Lighting: $31.00

  • With a simple background: $6.00

  • +1 more character: $11.00

Telegram Stickers

$16.00 USD Per sticker
I accept other amounts other than 4 and 10 packs!

  • 4 Pack = $64.00

  • 10 Pack = $160.00